Villarreal Quarter Horses and Paints
Your Using Horse Source™
If you are looking for a future 4-H project, ranch horse,
rodeo performer, barrel burner, halter prospect, or a
new addition to your breeding program, we feel we
have a horse for you.  With the proven bloodlines,
conformation and dispositions in our breeding, you
may be able to accomplish all of the above with just
one horse.

We have attracted horse people from Texas to Canada,
and many states in between searching for the "right
horse" or just looking for exceptional stock that will
compliment or improve their own programs.  

Whether you are shopping for horses, fly repellent, or
just enjoy the foals, sit back, relax, and take a peek at
what we have to offer.  Feel free to contact us with
questions about any horse on our website, and thanks
for visiting.  
Hello Friends,
Chuck Villarreal
Welcome to Villarreal Quarter Horses and Paints.
Your Using Horse Source™
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